Friday, June 27, 2008

Can he really win this thing?

Alright, so I'm not usually that political.  I find the idea of nuclear powered hot air balloons exploring the moons of Saturn far too interesting to get distracted with terrestrial things like the president, the economy, global warming, and the petty wars of man.

FYI, that's sarcastic.  I actually find these things too disturbing and irritating and so hide my head in the sand by reading about things like nuclear powered hot air balloons exploring the moons of Saturn.

But...I read these articles this afternoon:

Good God (ha ha) could the monolithic and impenetrable religious right be collapsing into its own factious debate?  Is the idea that just because you believe in God (Christian variety) you automatically have a certain set of values growing old?  


And even more interesting (in a tactical election-in-six-months kind of way) is the fact that people unassociated with the Obama campaign (hell, people strongly associated with Bush!) seem to enjoy jumping in to his defense.


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