Sunday, June 29, 2008

Once in a...

I know that I tend to run a serious mixed drink focus in this blog.  But as summer rolls 'round and cold, high-volume drinks start to regain their appeal, a good pint (of several) starts to sound better and better.  And I've been known to do a bit of homebrewing here and there.  But my 50% failure rate gets demoralizing and I've found that after bottling 60 bottles of beer I suddenly find myself wanting wine, whisky, vodka, gin, or pretty much anything but beer...

I discovered the folks over at Blue Moon Brewing have put together a glorious Belgian style Wit.  If you know my beer tastes, you know that I love the Belgians and their willingness to experiment and have fun with the craft.  That said, I think that some of the things they put in beer are abject failures (strawberries? I know some people like Framboise, but uh-uh from here...).  But the idea of having fun is great.  

And Wit's are among my favorites.  Some wheat and oats to round off the barley and some orange peel and coriander to season.  Great stuff on a hot summer day.  

Blue Moon's Wit is perfect with about a quarter orange squeezed into the glass, and the rind then tossed in afterwards to float around and add some pulpy texture.

And since today's been hot as hell (for Pacific NW standards - 85 now feels like the "burning the flesh of my bones" level to this one time Central Valley Californian...), I've got a glass chilling in the freezer and an orange ready for the slicing.

And did I mention that Costco has 24 bottle cases on sale?

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