Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The wind in Texas...

bombstrangelove.jpgSo my hat's off to T. Boone Pickens.

Not only does he have an intrinsically cool name, but he makes me think of Slim Pickens, which makes me think of Dr. Strangelove, which gives me a perversely happy feeling.

But this is about a guy's decision to go against what people would percieve as his natural course of action and instead support what I consider the most beautiful form of energy production (if not necessarily the most universally practical): wind power.

Its beautiful, its graceful, it appears to have little environmental impact -- provided you aren't a bird with the bad luck to fly through a generator blade's arc at the wrong moment and get chopped in half. The engineering is that sort of beautiful simplicity that I like a lot. A relatively simple, elegantly designed device, replicated a large number of times. Economies of scale, redundancy, all that sort of good things.

wyoming_big.jpgAnd big, beautiful arms with a gently twisted airfoil carving out an arc in the sky.

But even cooler is that fact that this OIL dude, this guy worth billions from selling big-bad-old-crude is throwing his hat into the wind power ring. I like it not strictly for the environmental or aesthetic reasons, but because it is one of those wonderful superficially ironic things that keeps life interesting. Like seeing a gay pride bumper sticker and an NRA decal on the same car. But why shouldn't gay people own guns? And why shouldn't a guy decide that a new technology isn't the way to go?

So my hat's off to you, T. Boone. Cool name, too!

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