Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A cool thing

Taking the train home today, I spotted an interesting sight. The Seattle fireboats, spraying water joyously. Then a restored USAAC crash boat (note: further research has taught me that it was a USCG 83' cutter of 1944 vintage), the Seattle Maritime Academy's old 82' Coast Guard cutter, a new Coast Guard 110 footer, and finally a big HH-60 flying low and slow over the mini fleet.

Why? We were moving along fairly quick and I wasn't so lucky as to have the window seat, but I tried to crane around. Found it! The Eagle, the Coast Guard's three masted sailing barque, with sails furled and ensigns manning the yards. Not quite Master and Commander, but about as close as you get now-a-days. I couldn't get my phone up in time to take a photo before a series of grain cars on the adjacent track got in the way.

Well, that was probably enough -- a cool sight to see.

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