Friday, July 18, 2008

Long week

So I'm rolling along on the train -- back on my favorite mode of commute, the Sounder commuter train, watching Puget Sound roll by my window.

Its been a busy week -- putting together and delivering a six hour training class, delivering two three hour classes, setting up a vendor event that is simultaneously taking place across three states. I've developed some test questions for the GMAT and started a "professional" blog at Answer Choice. All that and I've managed to get a couple of blog entries out and spend some pretty good time with my family.

I rarely get personal here, I know, preferring a chat about the number of possible key setups for field ciphers to a look at my own life and emotions. Except, I guess, for that 105 things about me blog...

But regardless of the accuracy of the premise upon which this entry is based, its time to talk about the weekend! The British Open, the Tour de France, Grand Prix of Germany at the always thrilling Hockenheimring are my TV plans. So many sporting events, and so much pizza to choose from. A bottle of wine to share and we'll take advantage of the wonders of the DVR to timeshift some continental news back into our time zone.

I'm particularly interested in the British Open. Royal Birkdale is one of my favorite courses. Based, of course, on nothing but a few pictures that I've seen and a couple of magazine articles. But that's something I've always done well. Its not like I can say that, based on my flying experience, the P-51 really does handle much better than the F4U, after all! So I'm hoping for some good, stormy and turbulent golf, some dramatic racing, and a few good hours with my friends and family.

Now I just have one day (and five meetings) to make it through...

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