Sunday, July 27, 2008

Peloton is French for scrum

Congratulations to Carlos Sastre, team CSC, and the engineers and craftspeople at Cervélo. And, for that matter, every one of the 145 finishers. Bravo zulu.

GALL_TDF21_SS8_wideweb__470x317,0.jpgBut just a few parting thoughts:

Add "Be in Paris for the finish of The Tour" (or, for that matter, at any stage) to the life list.

The final day's "parade" in to Paris -- only in France!

Add "be a helicopter pilot filming The Tour" to the jobs-I'd-like-but-will-never-have list.

Drinking Champagne in the team cars during the final ride in to Paris -- only in France!

France, in general: where's my ticket?

France, in specific: give me a house in any of those ancient river villages, perhaps one near the Rhone valley, an internet collection, and an ample supply of locally produced red wine.

To the commentators at the Versus network: I feel for you having to advertise next week's programming -- back to cage matches and no-rules fighting championships.

Ah well. C'est la vie.

And to everyone, congratulations!

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